Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Friday Work

Just realized that I put the Friday work post on the wrong blog! Was adding pictures this morning and wondered where the post was. Here it is now.......

Today was a work in Bernal day. The men really wanted to get the new roof up on the car port/patio/eating area. They had started earlier in the week, but were only working on it a bit each day, and they wanted to get it done. There wasn't a lot that they could do over in Tequis, as they had gotten the wall up to a point that only the stronger men could lift the blocks up high enough to continue.

Everyone kept busy today. Brad and Sonny changed the brakes on the Kull's van and on Gadiel's van. Most of the ladies spent some time cutting out flannelgraph figures for the Bernal church. Brittaney and Abby filed all of the flannelgraph pieces in the storage boxes. We bought a complete Bible set a few weeks back, and there were hundreds of pieces to cut out and store. Brandon and Sonny worked on installing the plumbing in the kitchen area and second bathroom of the church. Brandon, Dr. Joe, Bud, Pastor Jerry and Brad spent most of the day doing the roof. Brad and Dr. Joe replaced the back of the Kull's desk chair that broke off yesterday (after 13 years).

Bonnie, Laurie and Martha painted the church kitchen/Sunday School room. It looks so nice painted yellow, rather than just the cement color.

It was a busy day, and a lot of work was started and finished!

Friday Night and Saturday Morning

Thank you so much to each of the families for sending your family members. For some of you that meant having kids by yourself, and having to cook and all. We very much enjoyed having them here.

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